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Liberty Towers Hip-Hop Workshop

April 7th - May 12th, 2017


Our goal in this program is to instill movement, memorization, and coordination, to creative learning and teaching. Every class session is strategically put together to fit your child's growth in hip hop dancing. By doing, so they will be able to improve and develop their own personal style and move on to our more advanced classes. We take joy in knowing we have true quality teaching in a welcoming, fun atmosphere.

** No Experience Necessary ** ** Ages 5-18**

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Liberty Towers Break Dance Workshop

April 7th - May 12th, 2017


Breaking/Breakdancing Class info

Breaking is a type of dancing that our instructor is very passionate about. He has been studying the art for about 13 years and counting. He taught break dancing in multiple high schools, community centers, outreach programs, and dance studios. For this class we will provide your children with brief history lessons to help them become more rooted in the dance. Along with the history lessons, patience and being taught correctly are necessary to grasp the creative and physical aspects in learning the foundation of breaking.

** No Experience Necessary ** ** Ages 5-18**

Skate night

LT Skate Night

May 7th, 2017


Join us for a night of skating, fun games, and treats at Foothill Skate (4700 Auburn Blvd.) on Sunday, May 7th from 6pm-8pm! We are renting out the roller rink for all of Liberty Towers. Fun for all ages. Admission is free and you can rent skates for $5/person.

Children 0-10 must be accompanied by an adult.

If you have any questions, email:

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"As You Are" Concert Tour - Featuring #MoreThanRules & Awaken Worship

June 18th, 2017


Rock/Worship Concert (warning loud music)

$5 Adult Ticket - Child's Ticket: $5 Child Care for 0-10 - Donation of $5 per child

More Than Rules

God is so much more than a list of rules that we must follow... We have been freed from the law through Christ and made righteous by his grace to live this life without rules. It is this type of love and grace that drives me to pursue Him regardless of the law.

My music is just that, #MoreThanRules. It's not about who can be the best example of biblical law. We are all unworthy of the love he gives us. I want my music to bring hope and love to those who are turned off by an assumption that to follow christ you must first follow the rules. I want to show them that God is so much #MoreThanRules.


Awaken Worship was born out of a passion to encounter God and lead others into his presence. The band consists of 6 members, and is currently writing their first EP.